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Belfast 2017 Speakers

Michael Jackson, Specialist Pharmacist for Pulmonary Hypertension and Anticoagulation, Lead Pharmacist for Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Services, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust

Michael graduated from Sunderland University with a degree in pharmacy in 1993. Since then he has worked as a hospital pharmacist for 23 years, starting his training in the North of England before moving over to the Belfast hospitals. Education is very important to Michael and he works with Queens University Belfast and other education providers to improve the pharmaceutical knowledge of healthcare professionals.

His role is very diverse and is shared between managing a team of specialist cardiology pharmacists in the Belfast Hospitals, in addition to providing a clinical role as an independent prescriber in Pharmacist and Nurse-led clinics. He is currently completing his Doctorate in Pharmacy through the University of Bradford.


Siobhan Murphy, Nurse Education Consultant, Clinical Education Centre

Siobhan is Nurse Education Consultant with the Clinical Education Centre. She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse whose 30 year career has focused on the improvement of the care and treatment of individuals with dementia, the development of innovative person centred dementia services and the education of service users, carers and staff in relation to dementia.

Her previous posts have included; Staff Nurse, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Project Officer, Team Leader and Assistant Services Manager.


Dr Jen Nash, Clinical Psychologist and Chartered Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society, Editorial Board Member, Journal of Diabetes Nursing

Dr. Jen Nash is a Clinical Psychologist and Chartered Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She specialises in diabetes and obesity and is the author of Diabetes and Wellbeing’ (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013) and ‘Why the F Are We So F-A-T? (It’s Not Just ‘Food-And-Treadmills’. It’s ‘Feelings-And-Thoughts’, a 30 Day Experiment revealing the ‘non-hunger’ reasons why we eat. Jen is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Diabetes Nursing. She was named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ Finalist in the Quality in Care Awards 2014 and was awarded the honour of a ‘World Diabetes Day Hero‘ in 2012 by the International Diabetes Federation. Jen has been living with type 1 diabetes since childhood and is the founder of ‘Positive Diabetes’ and ‘The Eating Blueprint’ – online educational services for people with type 1 and type 2 and health care professionals.