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Glasgow 2019 Exhibitors

Meet your 2019 exhibitors at Nursing in Practice Glasgow…



STAND 3 – Advancis Medical is a UK based medical device manufacturer with an international reputation for developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of advanced wound care products. The range includes the Activon Manuka Honey dressings, Eclypse Super Absorbers, Silflex soft silicone wound contact layer and the Advazorb Hydrophilic foam range –


STAND 38 – Alcoholics Anonymous has more than 4,400 groups all over the country, designed to help those with a serious alcohol problem learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Through friendship and mutual support, members assist each other in coping which is made easier by meeting others with the same problem. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. Membership of Alcoholics Anonymous is free and anonymity is carefully preserved. Further information is available on our website:


STAND 23 – The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, we operate globally with 146 affiliates and more than 47,700 employees. The focus of the family-owned company, founded in 1885, is researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing new medications of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.
For more information please visit



STAND 32 – Chiesi Limited is part of the Chiesi group, an international family-owned company with more than 80 years of experience focussing on research, development, production and marketing of innovative prescription medicines in the field of respiratory, neonatology, transplant medicine and rare diseases.
Chiesi is committed to improving patient outcomes and quality of life –



Stand 29a – Dealing with wounds on a daily basis can be challenging. At Coloplast we want to help reduce this complexity and ensure that everyone caring for wounds feels confident that they are helping to optimise the healing process and providing patients with the best care. Our wound care portfolio offers products that assist healthcare professionals and patients with a complete wound healing cycle. Our advanced dressings are developed through ongoing conversations with the people who use our products.

With conventional foam dressings, a gap can form between the wound bed and the dressing. This allows exudate pooling, which may lead to the risk of infection, and to a delay in wound healing (1-3). Biatain® Silicone is a conforming dressing with unique 3DFit Technology® that fills the gap and reduces exudate pooling to promote optimal wound healing conditions.

By working together to achieve the same goals, we can help accelerate healing and simplify wound care. That’s how we Make Every Day Count.

1.Mouës, CM et al. Five Millenia of Wound Care Products – What is new? A Literature review. Ostomy Wound Management 2009 Mar;55(3):16-22 2. Sibbald, RG et al. Preparing the Wound Bed – Debridement, Bacterial Balance, and Moisture Balance. Ostomy Wound Management 2000;46(11):14-35 3. Adderley,UJ. Managing wound exudate and promoting healing. British Journal of Community Nursing 2010 Mar;15(3):S15-20



STAND 2 – ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company, with leading market positions in ostomy care, wound therapeutics, continence and critical care, and infusion devices. Our products provide a range of clinical and economic benefits, including infection prevention, protection of at-risk skin, improved patient outcomes and reduced total cost of care. Our brands include AQUACEL® advanced wound dressings, which form a gel on contact with wound fluid, creating an optimal environment for wound healing. ConvaTec has over 8,000 employees, with 11 manufacturing sites in 8 countries, and we do business in more than 100 countries –

Stand 46 – GSK – one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.
Today there are still millions of people without access to basic healthcare, thousands of diseases without adequate treatments and millions more people who suffer from everyday ailments. At GSK we want to change this.
We have three world-leading businesses that research, develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.
We are committed to widening access to our products, so more people can benefit, no matter where they live in the world or what they can afford to pay.
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Stand 22 – L&R are committed to making Every Moment Matter for the 730,000 leg ulcer patients in the UK. The pressures faced by clinicians and on the NHS can make treating patients with long standing wounds extremely challenging. In order for the situation is to improve for clinicians, sufferers and the NHS: a new way of thinking is needed. Find out how L&R can help you improve outcomes for your patients by following the guidance in the Best Practice Statement for VLUs and adopting its treatment algorithm.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand!


STAND 37 – LimbO waterproof protectors keep dressings, casts, PICC lines and midlines dry in the bath or shower. They help to restore quality of life and avoid wet dressings or infection. The LimbO is latex free, easy to put on and comfortable with no constriction. They are a trusted product throughout the NHS with adult leg and elbow models available on FP10 prescription. Child sizes are also available.
Phone: 01243 573417 is a collection of online CPD modules, written by primary care experts, for practice nurses in the UK. Our modules cover a variety of clinical topics relevant to practice nursing. Each module will contribute a given number of hours towards the total of 35 you need for revalidation.

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STAND 28 – A Finnish born R&D based pharmaceuticals and diagnostics company with an emphasis on developing medicinal treatments and diagnostic tests for global markets. Orion develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients and diagnostic tests.
The core therapy areas in Orion’s product and research strategy are central nervous system, oncology, critical care and respiratory medicines –



STAND 27 – The PBC Foundation is the only UK organisation exclusively dedicated to supporting all those affected by Primary Biliary Cholangitis, an autoimmune liver condition with no known cause or cure. Our aims are to provide accessible, accurate, up-to-date information on PBC, educate medical practitioners about PBC, and support research into PBC –

STAND 34 – Pfizer Vaccines: Protecting life’s journey
Our history in vaccines stretches as far back as 1882. Today, our organisation is comprised of
passionate, world-class employees who work every day to translate cutting-edge science
into next-generation vaccines that improve people’s lives.
We have a portfolio of vaccines that helps protect individuals from life-threatening diseases
at every stage of their life, from their first months to old age, including travel vaccines.
Our vaccines help protect against:
• Pneumococcal disease
• Meningococcal disease
• Tick-borne encephalitis
Contact us at or 0800-089-4033



Stand 26 and 33 – At Sanofi Pasteur, we believe in a world where no one suffers or dies from a vaccine preventable disease. We provide more than one billion doses of vaccines every year, helping protect as many as half a billion lives each year against life-threatening infectious diseases at every stage of life. As a world leader in the vaccines industry, Sanofi Pasteur produces a portfolio of vaccines that matches its areas of expertise and meets public-health demand. With our 15,000 employees worldwide, we seek to extend the protective power of vaccination to new infectious diseases while continuously improving existing vaccines to enhance health and wellbeing. The company’s heritage, to develop vaccines that protect help life, dates back more than a century.


STAND 36 –  Formed in 1989 by Practice Nurses who believed in the concept of Practice Nursing as a provision of specialist care in its own right. SPNA strives to promote the profession within primary care and negotiates on behalf of GPNs with leading influential bodies to continually promote a role essential for delivering patient care in the community –


STAND 3 –  Cetraben emollients – offering unique formulations to enable effective eczema management.
Flexitol – Offering a medically proven treatment and maintenance regime for dry, cracked heels and feet associated with diabetic anhidrosis –

STAND 29 – TM-UK is committed to enhancing the quality of life for people with respiratory conditions. We are part of Trudell Medical International, a family owned healthcare company that designs and manufactures a range of innovative medical devices.
TM-UK’s AeroChamber® brand of Valved Holding Chambers and award-winning Aerobika® device, are available in the UK. Come and see us to find out more –



STAND 25 – Ultrasound Technologies Ltd. Has been designing quality Medical Ultrasound equipment since it’s incept in 1992 and our design team have more than 30 years of experience in this industry.
The Company designs and Manufactures in South Wales and all of our products are approved to international standards.

Recognition of Ultrasound Technologies achievements came in 2003 when it was voted Exporter of the Year for 2003 by Wales Trade International and the South Wales Chamber of Commerce and again in 2009 when, in association with
Free play Energy, Ultrasound Technologies won the Index Design to improve life Award for a Doppler for Africa.

Stand 50 – Urgo Medical is a global wound care company offering a range of innovative dressings, compression bandages and hosiery.

Our focus is on working in partnership with healthcare professionals to help move from managing wounds to healing wounds.

The UrgoStart range is recommended by NICE for use on Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Venous Leg Ulcers, as it demonstrates significant cost savings to the NHS.

We pride ourselves on our products having the highest level of clinical evidence available and our clinical support and education won numerous awards in 2018.

Our brands also include UrgoKTwo, UrgoClean Ag and UrgoTul Absorb Border.

Urgo Medical.
Healing people.